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We are pleased to announce our Public Beta of "Pronto On AIR". The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) environment is planned for general availability in Spring 2008, and Pronto! on AIR will track to the Adobe release schedules as best we can.

Why is this version of Pronto! important and what makes it different?

AIR is a desktop environment for Rich Internet Applications built in the Adobe Flex Environment. This means the application, in this case Pronto!, is installed on the desktop and runs in this environment, not the Adobe Flash player in a web browser session.

Key benefits of Pronto! on AIR

  • Better handling of HTML
  • Better drag and drop capabilities directly from the computer
  • Multi-window sessions

Please keep in mind this is a pre-release public beta of Pronto! on AIR, and the Adobe AIR runtime itself is in public beta.

Your feedback is important to us . Please post your comments at our support portal (see forum under clients).

To use Pronto! on AIR follow the steps below:
  1. You will need to have a account. Start that process here.
  2. Download and install the Adobe AIR runtime. adobe_air_tiny
  3. Download and install Pronto! on AIR. pronto_on_air_tiny

Click here to view the Pronto! demo first
Download CommuniGate Pro
Download the Pronto! datasheet
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