CommuniGate Systems' brings Microsoft Dynamics CRM to WebRTC enabled Contact Center solution

22 June 2015, San Francisco, California and Berlin, Germany - CommuniGate Systems, the leader in secure, super-efficient, web and mobile Unified Communications technology unveils the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the CommuniGate Pro WebRTC equipped Contact Center solution. Sales and customer care workflows are enabled to drive better efficiency and quality of support for "business to customer" relations.

Contact Centers rely upon a CRM to manage customer records, register incidents, plus drive sales and marketing campaigns. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a robust and widely deployed system both on premises and in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Together with the CommuniGate Pro Contact Center, the mash up is a complete solution to better manage the customer care relations in either an outbound or inbound workflow.

Examples of the benefits of the integrated solution:

Outbound sales and marketing campaigns are optimized by MS Dynamics injecting sales calls into the CommuniGate queues for agents to manage. Available agents are given calls, and when the recipient accepts a call the record is shown in the CRM to the agent and the session can be recorded and attached to the contact records in Dynamics.

Inbound sales, billing or support ticketing contact management is enhanced for better customer care by immediate views of the customer information displayed to the agent based on the caller ID from the phone number, or by IVR inputs. Customers can be placed into "relevant" queues based on "PIN codes" to designate their priority status or designated agent.

CommuniGate Pro Contact Center ver2.0 features include:

  • Web based Agents using WebRTC technology
  • Integration to MS Dynamics
  • Encryption for secure calls
  • IPv6 support
  • Advanced monitoring of active calls in "whisper mode"
  • Call recording and injection into CRM, provisioning or ticketing systems
  • Secure Instant Messaging and Chat rooms
  • Fault tolerance with Dynamic Clustering
  • Media transcoding of WebRTC to SIP
  • Custom branding and extensibility


Contact Center can be deployed as a "Hybrid Cloud" where the systems are deployed in the customer data center. This model ensures that the customer has the confidence that their data, their infrastructure, and their customer information is always in their hands. The technology is deployed with the confidence that the product is fully supported, updated, and tuned by CommuniGate Systems. Pricing models are based upon the amount of users in a month or by year; with no restriction on features. All new features and benefits of feedback are rolled back into the product and provided to all members of the product.

About CommuniGate Systems
CommuniGate Systems develops the world's most efficient and secure Unified Communications technology, enabling businesses of any size to better connect and collaborate. CommuniGate Pro provides unprecedented efficiency at extreme scale with an all active member Dynamic Cluster technology. The unique multi-threaded technology holds all known world records and has un-challenged performance delivering the best value to organizations that take security and efficiency seriously.

Companies that depend upon CommuniGate Pro for their secure Unified Communications include; NASA, British Airways, SITA, US Missile and Space Command, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Aeroenvironment, along with more than 17,000 other businesses with more than 190 million end users.

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