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Habble Adopts CommuniGate Systems' CommuniGate Pro Platform for its Next Generation Communications Development

11 November 2013. San Francisco, California; Berlin, Germany and Pisa, Italy - CommuniGate Systems and Habble s.r.l. have announced a partnership in which Habble will use the CommuniGate Pro development platform to extend the functionality of its cloud-based voice data mining services.

Habble's telecoms dashboard provides businesses with easy to use real-time tools to analyse, report on and optimise their telecommunications infrastructure and customer relationship processes.

CommuniGate Systems' CommuniGate Pro development environment makes it easy for software developers to embed a range of communications tools including web-based voice communications using WebRTC in their applications.

In terms of the partnership, Habble will use the CommuniGate Pro development platform to enhance its services by interconnecting securely with real-time communications like WebRTC that include voice, email, SMS and instant messaging for their online services. By adopting the CommuniGate Pro development platform, Habble will be able to extend the list of features of its services.

In addition, Habble has already developed a connector to the CommuniGate Pro integrated unified communications engine. This joins the list of PBXs and IP PBXs of more than 25 leading vendors for which Habble has already developed connectors.

"As more and more people move their operations over to the Web and use Instant Messaging and Web voice applications with WebRTC-based technology for their customer private cloud, analysis of that communications data is becoming as important as analysis of traditional voice services", says Carlo Petrolo, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa Manager of CommuniGate Systems. "In today's complex telecommunications environment, specialising in what one is best at and partnering with other top players is imperative in order to be effective. We are thus pleased to partner with Habble in order to enable it to extend its portfolio of services".

Adds Alessio Del Gratta, General Manager of Habble, "Habble's cloud suite has achieved the success it has by being able to analyze all data exchanges coming from fixed phone, mobile and web traffic in real time. Our partnership with CommuniGate Systems allows us to enhance our services while reducing our time to market since we don't need to integrate several disparate components and worry about getting them to work and their scalability anymore.

About CommuniGate Systems
CommuniGate Systems develops the world's most efficient and secure Unified Communications technology, enabling businesses of any size to better connect and collaborate. An evolution of email, CommuniGate Pro provides unprecedented security to Internet Communications for Web and Mobile device users. The unique multi-threaded technology holds all known world records and has un-challenged performance delivering the best value to organizations that take security and efficiency seriously.

Companies that depend upon CommuniGate Pro for their secure Unified Communications include; NASA, British Airways, SITA, US Missile and Space Command, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, DB Schenker and SNCF, along with more than 17,000 other businesses with more than 190 million end users.

About Habble s.r.l
Habble's cloud-based telecommunications suite allows mid- to large enterprises to analyse all data exchanges coming from fixed phone, mobile and web traffic in real time and thereby interpret their telecommunications information and manage big data processes over the Web without having to install any hardware.

The Habble suite measures concurrent and congested calls, geolocates calls and analyses calls and mobile data while controlling real-time roaming and budget management.

Habble is the new way at looking at telecommunications.

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