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In The Media

Web and Mobile Unified Messaging Technology Company CommuniGate Systems Publishes Infographic Indicating the Rate Workforces are Moving to Webmail, Mobile Email and Instant Messaging
The company, which has locations in San Francisco, California and Berlin, Germany, based the Infographic on data provided by market analysts and statistics culled from the company's 190 million-account user base. The trends suggested by the Infographic imply a number of issues for hosting providers.
Italian Web Host GuruCube Partners with CommuniGate Systems for Cloud Messaging Solutions
Unified messaging platform provider CommuniGate Systems announced on Monday that it has partnered with Italian web hosting provider GuruCube to offer email, instant messaging and VoIP services.
CommuniGate Systems, GuruCube enter strategic partnership
CommuniGate Systems, a provider of web and mobile unified messaging technology, announced a new partnership with Italy-based hosting and web products provider GuruCube.
Web Hosting News
CommuniGate Systems, the leader in secure, super-efficient, web and mobile Unified Messaging technology today announce a new partnership with Italian Hosting and Web Solutions provider GuruCube srl.
CommuniGate Systems and GuruCube agree Worldwide Strategic Partnership
Based in Italy, GuruCube currently provide domain name registration, hosting, email, SSL and VoIP solutions to the Italian and Latin American markets.
CommuniGate Systems Releases Latest Version of their Open-Source cPanel Adaptor Kit
CommuniGate Systems, the leader in secure, super-efficient, web and mobile Unified Messaging technology announces the availability of the latest version of their open-source cPanel Adaptor kit for CommuniGate Pro.
CommuniGate Systems Launches Secure Unified Messaging for Virtualization Environments
The new release is designed to enable virtualization environments to modernize their email, calendar and Instant Messaging offerings to attract and retain businesses looking to Cloud solutions for their collaborative needs.
CommuniGate Systems Launches Secure Unified Messaging for Virtualization Environments
The new release is designed to enable virtualization environments to modernize their email, calendar and Instant Messaging offerings to attract and retain businesses looking to Cloud solutions for their collaborative needs.
Email, IM and the group calendar are core components to business processes and are a staple offering for web hosting companies.
CommuniGate Updates Open-Source cPanel Adaptor Kit
Unified communications software provider CommuniGate announced this week that it has released the latest version of its open-source cPanel adaptor kit for its CommuniGate Pro unified communications platform, enabling hosting providers to run the platform on virtualized servers.
CommuniGate Unified Communications Tool Launches Version 6.0
CommuniGate Systems, a developer of unified communications software that targets web hosting providers as a distribution channel, announced this week that it has released version 6.0 of its CommuniGate Pro tool, adding VoIP security enhancements, performance improvements and a new HTML 5 client.
ICN.bg CTO to Deliver Keynote at Hosting Provider Forum
Local Hosting Security celebrity, Borislav Borislavov, CTO of Bulgarian Hosting and IT Services Provider ICN.bg will deliver the keynote address to Austria's leading VPS and Hosting Providers at the Hosting Provider Forum this Friday 30th November, in Vienna.
Unified communications platform provider CommuniGate
announced today that it is planning an event for VPS hosting providers based in Austria, gathering local service providers in the VPS segment of the hosting market "to stimulate cooperation and knowledge sharing" in the local hosting community.
Der Unified-Communications-Spezialist Communigate Systems
lädt am 30. November in Wien zum VPS Hosting Provider Forum. Thema der Veranstaltung ist, wie Hosting-Anbieter KMU mit Virtual-Private-Server-Dienstleistungen erreichen können. Als Basis für solche Dienstleistungen bietet CommuniGate Systems sein neues Open-Source-Plugin cPanel an.
Unified communications system developer CommuniGate
announced on Tuesday that it has released an open-source adaptor kit enabling virtual private server hosting providers to easily integrate CommuniGate's high-end unified communications tools with the cPanel hosting control panel.
Expert Opinion with Zwana Unicom
It's time to move the conversation on, and ditch the term-bit-pipe to focus on win-win scenarios.
The term 'bit-pipe' has been carelessly brandished around the market, perhaps with the noble intention of simply of being disruptive enough to warrant attention.
How to invest in new office systems
Scott Stonham talks to NewBusiness.co.uk about how small businesses can choose and invest in new office systems.
Third party application uptake is accelerating and so is the operator opportunity
New services from third parties are attracting millions of users in a matter of days. Is it time for operator attitudes to these to thaw as they recognise the potential they have to add value to their own businesses, asks Scott Stonham?
Communications in the cloud, the operator opportunity
Communications Services Providers (CSPs) recognise the cloud presents them with an opportunity to jump out of the commoditised dumb pipe business. Doing so requires agility and a willingness to embrace new ways of doing business. Scott Stonham, Vice President of marketing at CommuniGate Systems, explains the significance of the cloud opportunity for CSPs and MVNOs and cable providers in particular.
New mobile network promises cure for mobile headaches
The Guardian covers the launch of Cloudsuite in Trinidad & Tobago. Think Technologies launch Cloudsuite based in partnership with Deutsche Telekom and CommuniGate Systems. Cloudsuite is based on Deutsche Telekom's MyCommSuite product which is powerd by CommuniGate Pro and Pronto!
Expert Opinion with VanillaPlus
Operators retake the initiative.
Operators are the trusted provider for customisable services in the cloud
Operators have made many mistakes over-investing in individual applications and services. Instead, they should focus on what they know — delivering voice services, enablers and data services, says Scott Stonham.
mVoIP can bring opportunity from adversity for operators
Operators are finally waking up to the threat mVoIP poses to their businesses but the good news is that it's not too late for them to participate and keep their users on their networks, buying revenue generating services from their brands.
Global Telecoms Business interviews Scott Stonham on disruptive technologies
Operators see Skype, Google and other over-the-top companies as threats - yet they should also learn from the way they have developed and won customer loyalty.
Battling against disruptive technologies
With rumors rife about a Facebook phone, Google Voice delivering network-agnostic telephony applications and Mobile VoIP gaining traction, its time for the network operators to do or die, says Scott Stonham.
Operators should look to their strengths to secure SME supremacy
The SME market is packed with potential for service providers of all types and the web companies needn't have it all their own way, says Scott Stonham.
Branded button enables operators to compete with web companies
Jon Doyle, executive vice president of European operations and corporate development at CommuniGate Systems, is on a mission to bring richer, enterprise-grade applications to the small business market. Such an approach, he tells Global Telecoms Business, will enable operators to compete with web companies and VoIP providers and monetise their new network investments effectively.
UC in the Cloud offers cost effective business upgrades
Unified Communications in the Cloud offers cost effective, secure options to reduce your overheads and upgrade your business, says Scott Stonham of CommuniGate Systems.
Global Telecoms Business Interviews Jon Doyle
Many mobile operators see VoIP services as a threat not an opportunity. Jon Doyle says that service providers can build packages for small and medium business users that will aid retention and build revenue.
Scott Stonham writes for Global Telecoms Business about the SMB revenue opportunity for mobile operators
Business users can keep their favourite smartphones and stay with their existing mobile operator, and will happily pay for mobile email, writes Scott Stonham.
SMBs: Competing with bigger companies
Small companies must prepare themselves for higher customer expectations and invest in the right technologies to increase company performance while controlling costs, writes Scott Stonham of CommuniGate Systems.
Volcano feature: Grounded, not going anywhere
Scott Stonham discusses how Unified Communications is assuring business continuity in the wake of the Icelandic volcanic eruption.
Global Telecoms Business interviews Vladimir Butenko
An interview with Vladimir Butenko and Global Telecoms Business about his company's approach to the Unified Communications market.
Does the 4G killer app already exist?
Scott Stonham discusses how the 4G Killer App might already exist and how Generation Y are now the driving force behind today's innovation in the mobile industry.
How to grow your business
All small businesses must ensure they are using software that is specifically tailored to their needs, writes Scott Stonham of CommuniGate Systems.
Why HD Voice is a Game Changer for Network Operators
Recorded Radicati Webinar, January 2010.
The Radicati Group moderated a web conference with Jon Doyle, Deutsche Telekom and Global IP Solutions discussing the benefits of HD Voice and discusses why network operators should view it as an excellent value added service particularly for the SMB market. Download the slides and recording here.
Read the Global IP Solutions comment on CommuniGate Systems HD Voice webinar here.
How to Sell Mobile UC
Scott Stonham talks to Mobile Business magazine www.mbmagazine.co.uk about the challenges of selling mobile Unified Communications, read more here.
The mobile operators' battle for business subscribers
Global Telecoms Business, December 2009.
With mobile operators struggling to address the small-to-medium business (SMB) and small office/home office (SOHO) markets, thousands of companies are left unable to benefit from the unified communication services that their enterprise counterparts have been using for some time.
Going mobile with UC
Business Trends Quarterly, November 2009.
Scott Stonham, VP, Marketing, and Jon Doyle, VP, Business Development at CommuniGate Systems, discuss the implementation of a successful Unified Communications system and its value to the customer.
Live at IT Expo, Miami
Interview of Greg Galitzine with Jon R. Doyle, VP Business Development, CommuniGate Systems.
Doing IT like a Pro
Join Wolfram Funk, Senior Advisor at Experton Group and Jon Doyle, Vice President of Business Development at CommuniGate Systems as they discuss the potential of the CommuniGate Pro solution for Unified Communications delivered in a SaaS model.
UC as a SaaS offering for the SME market
View the Radicati Group, Inc. webinar "UC as a SaaS offering for the SME market" with BT and CommuniGate Systems as guest speakers.
Latest Trends and News from VON
Listen to the latest trends and news around VON Sping. Interview of Carl Ford, pulvermedia, with Jon R. Doyle, VP Business Development CommuniGate Systems.
Fixed Mobile Convergence
Learn more about Fixed Mobile Convergence and CommuniGate Systems' approach to it. Interview of John Hart, Marketing Visions & Solutions Inc, with Jon R. Doyle, VP Business Development CommuniGate Systems.
Latest trends and news
Listen to the latest trends and news around VON Sping. Interview of Carl Ford, pulvermedia, with Jon R. Doyle, VP Business Development CommuniGate Systems.


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