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Technology Partners

CommuniGate Systems partners with the best of breed software and hardware companies to provide our customers with comprehensive and complete Unified Communications solutions.


Kaspersky Lab
is the leader in OEM embedded engine anti-virus technology today. Kaspersky can be found in many security and mail appliances world-wide and has a strong alliance with CommuniGate Systems to provide robust content filtering for the CommuniGate Pro server. The successful detection and interception of viruses depends on timely virus research. Kaspersky Labs supports one of the largest collections of virus definitions in the world, with over 82,000 records and counting. The multi-national antivirus research team continually updates the collection and develops antivirus tools. Kaspersky Labs is a proven campaigner against viruses, always responding proactively to new threats. The Kaspersky technology continually wins top awards for the speed and accuracy of the engine, and CommuniGate Systems has partnered with Kaspersky labs to ensure customers have the best of breed choices for their content filter requirements.

provides industry-leading anti-virus products for corporate customers. The McAfee Active Virus Defense, or AVD, product suite incorporates the following products into a multi-tier virus defense system: VirusScan for desktop protection, NetShield for file server protection, GroupShield for groupware protection and WebShield for Internet gateway protection. McAfee also delivers all the tools you need to manage and enforce corporate virus security policy, updates and reporting with ePolicy Orchestrator and Anti-Virus Informant. And we give administrators superior control over security management and reporting with AutoUpdate, Enterprise SecureCast, and the Management Edition.

Sophos is one of the world's largest specialist developers of anti-virus software. The products are sold and supported through a global network of subsidiaries and partners in more than 150 countries. Sophos solutions are specifically designed to protect businesses and organizations of all sizes against viruses and are widely deployed by corporations, financial institutions, government agencies and academic institutions.


Cloudmark, Inc.
Cloudmark is a global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, delivering the industries fastest, most comprehensive and most accurate real-time spam, virus and phishing protection for fixed and mobile networks. Cloudmark solutions combine highly sophisticated Advanced Message Fingerprinting technology based on innovative, high performance algorithms and a Global Threat Network consisting of trusted reporters, to provide security intelligence and filtering at all points in the messaging infrastructure.

is the world's leading anti-spam and anti-phishing engine provider and is the first and only anti-spam engine with SpamCompiler Technology, which can process more than a million filter checks in a fraction of a second. Mailshell's SpamCompiler system uses advanced statistical models to quantify reputation, thereby creating de facto advanced 'phishing' detection, along with protection from fraud and other blended threats. By focusing on reputation, Mailshell is also able to deploy a language-agnostic statistics-based solution that catches foreign language spam more accurately than content-focused solutions.
More than 6,000 companies and 10 million consumers worldwide rely on SpamCompiler software to block spam and phishing.


Patton Electronics Co.
Patton is a multinational organization that manufactures communications equipment for carrier, enterprise, and industrial networks worldwide. Incorporated in 1984, Patton's catalog of over 1000 products includes SmartNode(tm) and SmartLink(tm) VoIP solutions; ForeFront(tm) multi-service access infrastructure solutions (T1/E1, G.SHDSL, xDSL, dial-up); IPLink(tm) CPE solutions (WAN routers, modems, remote access servers, NTUs, CSU/DSUs); CopperLink(tm) Ethernet Extenders; EtherBITS(tm) device servers; EnviroNET(tm) industrial-networking equipment, network-connectivity Micro-Products (interface-converters, etc.), and more.
The SmartNode and SmartLink VoIP product line of Patton provide CommuniGate Pro solutions with connectivity to any conventional telephony network and system. Advanced encryption and quality of service features ensure business class voice solutions for SME's, corporate and service provider applications. For more information visit www.patton.com/voip.


Grandstream Networks, Inc.
is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and ultra-affordable IP telephone products for broadband IP networks. Incorporated in early 2002, Grandstream is founded to become a major supplier of VoIP terminal products and solutions in the rapidly growing global IP telephony market.
Grandstream's industry leading technology allows us to design commercial quality IP telephone terminal products (such as IP phones, VoIP analog telephone adaptors, low density gateways, etc) at a fractional cost of competing products. Built upon this unique and proprietary technology, Grandstream's IP telephones provide high level compliance with industry open standards, rich functionalities, superb sound quality, ease of use, and most importantly, ultra affordability and extraordinary value to both consumer and corporate customers.
Grandstream and CommuniGate Pro offer the best solution for SIP based deployments in the enterprise. Both companies have worked to ensure compatibility and optimal performance to deliver the best price/performance on the market. The CommuniGate Pro software, Grandstream phones and gateway devices are designed to be simple to configure, but at the same time provide robust scalability and quality.
Grandstream Networks is a private company located in Massachusetts, USA and with offices in California, Texas, USA and Shenzhen, China.
For more information, visit Grandstream Networks at www.grandstream.com.

Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.
was newly launched in 2013 by merging three companies: Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. and Panasonic System Solutions Infrastructure Co., Ltd., which were engaged in product development and manufacturing, and Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd., which marketed a variety of system solutions.
The new company offers everything from development and manufacturing to sales, implementation and maintenance. By leveraging the full capabilities of this comprehensive enterprise to resolve customer problems and provide countermeasures, the new company is able to reinforce customer competitiveness while developing and expanding customer potential.
Our system proposals are based on our vast accumulation of image processing and communication technologies, backed by manufacturing knowhow, a versatile product range and IP expertise.
For more information, visit Panasonic at panasonic.net.

Polycom, Inc.
is the worldwide leader in unified collaborative communications (UCC) that maximize the efficiency and productivity of people and organizations by integrating the broadest array of high definition video, wired and wireless voice, and content solutions to deliver the ultimate collaborative experience. Polycom's high quality, standards-based conferencing and collaboration solutions are easy to deploy and manage, as well as intuitive to use. Supported by an open architecture, they integrate seamlessly with leading telephony, workplace wireless telephony, and presence-based networks. With its market-driving technologies, best-in-class products, alliance partnerships, and world-class service, Polycom is the smart choice for organizations seeking proven solutions and a competitive advantage from on-demand communications and collaboration.
CommuniGate Systems is member of Polycom's VOIP Interoperability Partners Program.
For more information, visit Polycom at www.polycom.com.

snom technology AG
was founded in 1996 in Berlin, Germany. It offers products in the voice-over-IP (VoIP) area, specifically based on SIP. With its strong customer orientation, snom produces state-of-the-art, affordable VoIP phones that maximize productivity for businesses. Together with its SIP-based soft PBX, snom offers interoperable solutions for businesses and ITSP that enable pure-IP real-time communication.
The joint solution of CommuniGate Systems and snom offers both small and large corporations, or telcos and network providers - VoIP, multi media, Instant Messaging, Remote Application Sharing or other real-time applications. snom and CommuniGate Systems provide VoIP software automatic registrar services as well as SIP proxy services and complex "Near End" and "Far End" NAT Traversal Services.
For more information, visit snom technology AG at www.snom.com.

is the leading provider of international VoIP origination services. The company provides worldwide local phone numbers and runs a VoIP backbone distributed around two main POPs, namely in Brussels and New York. The switchless architecture of the Voxbone network enables customers to realize the benefits of IP communications by rapidly deploying new services and local presence, and simultaneously reducing costs. Voxbone works with hundreds of distributors and partners to implement new POPs in key international markets.
The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.
For more information, visit www.voxbone.com.

Since 1989, ZyXEL Communications, Inc. has been one of the world's foremost suppliers of secure broadband networking, Internet connectivity, and routing products. ZyXEL is focused on helping Telecom operators and Internet Service Providers satisfy the increasing demand for voice, video, and data applications by delivering high bandwidth and low-cost value-added services.
Designed for SOHO and home users, ZyXEL VoIP products offer crystal-clear voice quality, highly integrated functionalities, versatile Quality of Service capability, and the flexibility to be customized. As a result, these are the ideal solutions for Telecom operators or Internet Service Providers to create, deploy, and maintain the VoIP service to their customers.
CommuniGate Pro and Zyxel devices provide customers with a robust office communications solution based on SIP standards.
For more information, visit ZyXEL at www.us.zyxel.com.


A recognized worldwide leader in secure messaging and information storage, PGP Corporation develops, markets, and supports products used by a broad installed base of enterprises, businesses, governments, individuals, and cryptography experts to secure proprietary and confidential information.
PGP Universal provides practical, wide-scale deployment of secure messaging. By moving email encryption responsibility away from users to the network, encryption, decryption, and digital signatures are automatic and user-transparent. Messages are encrypted to individual keypairs and secured even when recipients have no keys. PGP Universal can quickly and cost-effectively secure up to 100% of an enterprise's users-both inside and outside the organization. PGP Universal supports both OpenPGP and X.509 + S/MIME standards and delivers low-cost deployment through its self-deploying, proxy-based architecture.

Email Archiving

Mail iQ
Mail iQ is the Certified e-Mail Archive for CommuniGate Software. Feith Systems and Software's Mail iQ and e-Discovery Platform is built on the Feith Document Database technology, which is certified compliant with DoD 5015.2 Chapters 2 and 4, ensuring compliance with the "highest industry standards" for electronic records management and security of proprietary, confidential documents and data. Feith's Mail iQ, provides robust support for managing the entire e-mail lifecycle from the creation, retention, auditing, retrieval and scheduled deletion and destruction to the "legal hold and freeze" of e-mail messages and attachments.


BlueArc® Corporation
BlueArc® Corporation changes the economics of network storage by helping customers manage more information with less effort. BlueArc's SiliconServer storage systems enable organizations to maximize performance and reduce operating costs through the movement of software functions into programmable hardware. Since 1998, BlueArc has provided scalable and reliable products, services and solutions to help enterprises achieve unmatched productivity and profitability from their data. The company's headquarters are in San Jose, California with UK operations based in Bracknell, England. More information on BlueArc is available on the Internet at www.bluearc.com.


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