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CommuniGate Pro is the most versatile and scalable VoIP solution available on the market today. Its Signaling engine provides support for SIP and XMPP inter-server signaling, and for a vast variety of SIP, XMPP, XIMSS, ParlayX and CG/PL clients.

The CommuniGate Pro Media Server component provides one-to-one and multi-party communications for RTP end-points, supporting an extended set of codecs. The CommuniGate Pro STUN and Media Proxy modules eliminate most of NAT-related VoIP problems.

A rich set of the bundled applications - from voicemail and conference centers to PBX centers to B2BUA applets - are implemented using the the CG/PL programming language. These application can utilize the internal and external billing systems.

The CommuniGate Pro unique Dynamic Cluster and SIP Farm technologies provide "no-fail" carrier-grade reliability and scalability - for basic phone calls as well as for sophisticated IVR, conference call, and other applications.

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