The CommuniGate Pro platform is available as a hosted service run by us, or you can put the software on your own server. Give us a call or chat with us now to discuss the right choice for your needs.

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Who better to run the software than those who make it, know it best, and ultimately can provide immediate support!

Our staff will set your system up, and provide you with administration access to any level you require. Dedicated systems and management options are available letting you focus on providing your staff and customers with the tools they need without the hassles of operations.

Provide secure services to your organization that are granular and extensible:

  • Full service - Secure web and mobile Unified Communications
  • Chat Center - Instant Messaging with chat rooms and XMPP support
  • Secure Email services with encryption options for storage
  • Cloud based file storage and sharing with encryption
  • * Branded User Interfaces for web or mobile are available
  • * Use your own domain name/s
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You can download and install the CommuniGate Pro software free of charge for your lab to do development and testing. It also gets better, you can even run the product for up to 5 users without charge!

This Community Edition License is ideal for small offices, home offices, or for those who just want to get familiar with the most advanced Unified Communication system available on the market today.

Start by Downloading the CommuniGate Pro Server software now.

CommuniGate Pro can be run on your own systems in your own data center. We provide several Licenses models to meet the needs of any size organization.

For small Enterprises you can order the product right now online!

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We are available to help you with any questions about licensing or about the powerful features and advantages of the product -