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CommuniGate Pro is a versatile platform that enables Enterprises of any size to leverage Web and Mobile Unified Communications in nearly every possible way. The platform is fully open for development of applications limited only by the imagination!

Pronto! Lite

Pronto! Lite User Manual >

Some of the available business applications developed by us include:

Chat Center - Instant Messaging and Chat rooms

This solution provides a simple, yet powerful way to better connect to your customers or partners to your organization. The application is built entirely using HTML5 and our XIMSS API. Chat Center is a secure web and mobile Instant Messaging solution with features such as:

Examples of how Chat Center can help your organization more effectively communicate

Pronto! sharing a file with somebody in chat

Pronto! in a chat room

Pronto! buddy list with external people

"Selfcare portals" with HTML5 and WebRTC have never been more easy, yet are powerfully beneficial for your customer care needs.

* Customer care costs of any organization can be reduced while providing real benefits to the response times for the end consumer using web based tools for chat, voice or video.

Call manager

The Call Manager application allows Enterprises to monitor and control sales, support, or other telecommunications queues in a easy Web based solution.

Key features include: