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Service providers

CommuniGate Pro is a well scalable and reliable cloud platform, which can easily and effectively give all set of unified communications. Starting with e-mail in corporate domain and ending with PBX hosting and contact center.

Flexible platform for provider services:

The functions and features of the platform CommuniGate Pro

IP telephony

  • Record and listen to calls in real-time
  • Video conferencing
  • Statistics and reporting
    • Incoming traffic
    • Outgoing traffic
    • The duration of calls with averages and group analytics
  • Built-in billing engine + integration with third-party solutions
  • IVR
    • Pre-built voice menus
    • Extensions
    • Any depth of hierarchy is possible
  • Voice mail engine and injection to 3rd party apps like CRM / Ticketing systems
  • Conference calling mixer supporting HD Voice

Instant Messaging and Chat

  • Presence Status engine supporting XMPP, SIP/SIMPLE and XIMSS
  • Texting / chat conference rooms
  • Conversion from IM to SMS from any IM client
  • Server to Server XMPP/jabber & XMPP to SIP/SIMPLE

Web, mobile and desktop e-mail

  • IMAP, POP3, SMTP, ActiveSync (iOS, Android and Microsoft Mobile)
  • Support for all standard clients including Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail
  • A large suite of HTML5 Webmail interfaces
  • Integration with enterprise portals
  • The best on the market anti-abuse engines for
    • Anti-spam
    • Anti-virus
    • Protection from attacking passwords
    • Protection against denial of service attacks
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • e-mail and storage encryption

Contacts and Address books

  • Mobile sync by ActiveSync
  • Import/Export address books
  • Corporate or Domain based Address books (LDAP)
  • CardDAV
  • Group Contacts
  • Custom Contact fields
  • Integration to 3rd party Directories such as CRM or support ticketing systems

Collaboration, scheduling and Calendars

  • Web Publication calendars ( .ics file, HTTP)
  • CalDAV
  • Shared calendars & shared folders (files)
  • Free/Busy status
  • Mobile sync to Activesync devices such as iPhone / iPad

Storing and sharing files

  • Individual storage for each user
  • Sending files
  • Sharing files
  • Personal Web page for each user

Interaction with Microsoft products

  • User authentication through Active Directory
  • Integration with Outlook (MAPI plug-in)
  • Mobile clients Exchange + Outlook 2013 (activesync)

Contact Center

The operator can offer its customers a more convenient interface of the Contact Center.


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