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The carrier-grade CommuniGate Pro Edition enables telecommuication operators to deliver secure business-class BlackBerry-style experience to iPhones, Android, Windows Mobile devices, and more.

BlackBerry style services you control

CommuniGate Pro enables you to rapidly deliver revenue generating value added services (VAS) to business subscribers, with easy to sell BlackBerry-like services for any business class smartphone, including the iPhone and Android based devices.

Contact us today for an instant trial of a secure business class mobile messaging solution that you own and control.

Operator Benefits:

  • Secure, business class mobile messaging that you control
  • Easy to sell value added service for the SMB sector
  • Leverage already well-known BlackBerry model
  • Deliver a BlackBerry alternative for virtually all other smartphones
  • Requires no mobile software, maximises native clients
  • Simple hosted SaaS delivery
  • IMS compatible Fixed-Mobile-Convergent (FMC) solution
  • Fully brandable

Exceptional Features:

  • Complete push mail, calendar and contact experience
  • Group calendars and contacts
  • Personal data backup
  • Remote device wipe and security control
  • Universal, zero-installation client for desktops, laptops & netbooks
  • Fully standardized and open APIs
  • IMS and SIP compatible backplane and application servers