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UC Centrex is an IMS compliant software platform for the delivery of high-performance multi-tenant communication solutions as hosted and SaaS offerings.

Benefits for the Service Provider

  • In-demand services: Demand for Unified Communications is in rapid growth
  • High value propositions: Customers associate significant value to their business
  • Cost-effective solutions: High-density, multi-tenancy solution architecture maximizes return on investment(ROI) and minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduced operational costs: Simplified, Cloud based deployment reduces both CAPEX and OPEX, minimizing your support and maintenance overheads

Benefits for the Small Business

  • Reduced costs: Simplified, all in one communication package significantly reduces both CAPEX and OPEX and provides pricing clarity
  • Increased sales: React quicker to customer requests and orders
  • Increased productivity: Making more of the people, time and resources you already have
  • Improved competitive position: Lower overheads and happier customers
  • Improved internal communications: Easily and quickly respond to business critical emails and queries
  • Simplified systems: Consolidate complex IT systems into one, powerfully simple solution
  • Mobile synchronization: Keeps employees effective whether in or out of the office