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Self Support

Before you contact the CommuniGate Support Department, please:

Basic Support

CommuniGate Systems provides the Basic and Pre-Sales support to all current and potential (trial) customers.

E-mail your questions to helpdesk@communigate.com (24 hours, Monday-Sunday).

You can also call the support deparment at +1 (800) 262 4722 or +1 (415) 569 2280, from 6:00AM till 3:00PM USA Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.

Please provide the following details: the CommuniGate Pro version, the platform it runs on, and the portions of the CommuniGate Pro Log displaying the problem. You may want to set some of the Log Level setting to ALL INFO in order to record detailed information into the Log.

Premium Support

The Premium packages add 24x7x365 telephone and IM support with various SLA options, as well as on-site support options.

Please contact sales@communigate.com to purchase these packages.

End of Support Dates

The following table specifies the dates when support for the Major Release versions ends. If a bug is found before the specified date, it will be fixed and the fix will be included into the next Minor/Bug Fix Release for that Major Release version.

Major VersionEOS Date
5.430-Jun-2013 (planned)