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AdaptiveIcon — Class in package com.pronto.lib.extension
Displays most suitable icon for the current size.
AdaptiveIcon(icons) — Constructor in class com.pronto.lib.extension.AdaptiveIcon
AdaptiveIconFactory — Class in package com.pronto.lib.extension
Generate AdaptiveIcon instances from their source Loader instances.
AdaptiveIconFactory(sources, failClass) — Constructor in class com.pronto.lib.extension.AdaptiveIconFactory
addComboBoxPrefs(prefsArray) — Method in class com.pronto.lib.view.prefs.PrefsPanel
This function helps easily set default and custom values for preferences that rely on ComboBoxes.
addDefaultPref(source, dataField, defaultValue, type) — Method in class com.pronto.lib.view.prefs.PrefsPanel
addSimpleDefaultPref(prefNameString, dp, type, noDefaultValue) — Method in class com.pronto.lib.view.prefs.PrefsPanel
adoptHTMLToTextField(html, stripImage, createXHTML) — Static method in class com.pronto.lib.Utils
Try to process any HTML to TextField.htmlText-valid format.
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