CommuniGate Pro

Setting up MRTG for CommuniGate Pro

    The CommuniGate Pro SNMP can be used to monitor different CommuniGate Pro parameters via SNMP-based tools. One of such tools is MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher).

    The following document should help you to configure MRTG to be used with CommuniGate Pro.


    Note:The minimum interval MRTG looks at CommuniGate Pro is 5 minutes, so it will not detect short-timed peaks. It is good only for monitoring parameters with smooth or flat rate. For example, the average length of SMTP session is 10 seconds, but MRTG checks the CommuniGate Pro status every 5 minutes, so the most number of sessions will be undetected and you will have ZERO as the number of currently active SMTP sessions most of the time.

    Note:The .GIF support was dropped in the new graphics libraries used by MRTG because this is a patented technology; make sure your browser can display files in .PNG format that will be used instead of .GIF.

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