CommuniGate Pro

Migration from the Post.Office™ to CommuniGate® Pro

    This Perl script creates a tab-delimited text file(s) based on the information in the Post.Office account database. The tab-delimited file can be used to create accounts on your new CommuniGate Pro server, using its Account Import feature.

    The utility should be used on the same computer where the Post.Office software is installed (the Post.Office is not required to be running).


    1. Save the script into the directory where Post.Office "listacct" utility is located (e.g. C:\win32app\Post.Office\cmdutils\ or /usr/local/
    2. Launch the script (e.g. "perl"). For each of your PostOffice domains the "" and "" files will appear in the current directory.
    3. Use the CommuniGate Pro WebAdmin Account Import feature to create all accounts on your new server from the "" files.
    4. Use script to import forwarders from the "" files.

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