CommuniGate Pro

Migrating Mailing Lists from Post.Office™ to CommuniGate® Pro

    The Migration script reads the Post.Office Lists database, creates the same mailing lists on the CommuniGate Pro server, and copies the subcsribers sets for each copied mailing list.

    The Migration script should be used on the same computer where the Post.Office software is installed (the Post.Office is not required to be running).

    The script uses the CommuniGate Pro CLI interface module ( This interface module must be pre-configured to connect to your CommuniGate Pro Server and the CommuniGate Pro Server must be running.


    1. Save the script into the directory where Post.Office "listacct" utility is located (e.g. C:\win32app\Post.Office\cmdutils\ or /usr/local/
    2. Launch the script (e.g. "perl"). The script will create a CommuniGate Pro mailing list for each PostOffice Mailing List, and it will copy the list subscribers. Each CommuniGate Pro Mailing List will have the same owner as the owner of the original PostOffice list, so all owner accounts must be already copied from Post.Office to CommuniGate Pro.

    Mailing List Migration Script Download

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