CommuniGate Pro

Kaspersky AntiVirus Plugin for CommuniGate Pro

Note: The Kaspersky AntiVirus Plugin is available only for some platforms supported with the CommuniGate Pro server software. Before you order the KAV Plugin License, make sure that the available versions of the Plugin software run on your CommuniGate Pro Server platform.

Note: The Kaspersky AntiVirus Plugin requires CommuniGatePro version 6.0.11 or later.

Download the KAV Plugins

Kaspersky AntiVirus Plugins are available for certain platforms only.

Operating System CPU Download
(RedHat, SuSE, Debian)
FreeBSD 10.x x86_64
Microsoft Windows
2008 R2/2012

The current version of the Plugin is 1.8

Installing on a Unix System

Installing on a MS Windows System

Updating the antivirus Plugin.

When updating the Kaspersky Plugin to a newer version, do the following steps:

Note:To maintain the maximum virus protection you have to update to a newer version of the Plugin as soon as it is become available. By running an old versions you put yourself at risk because old versions may be unable to catch new virus types.

Testing the antivirus Plugin.

On Unix and MacOS X System:

On a Windows System:

Note:The plugin contains an internal Kaspersky license key file in licenses subdirectory, that key is required for the Kaspersky Engine to work. The key has limited validity period. The new keys are given by us for free of charge, please subscribe to the CommuniGate Updates List to be notified about new keys.

Integrating the antivirus Plugin with CommuniGate Pro.

Please check the VirusScan section of the CommuniGate Pro manual.

Open the General page in the Settings section of the WebAdmin Interface and click the Helpers link. Create the Helper as follows:

Content Filtering
Log Level: Program Path:
Time-out: Auto-Restart:

Note: For Windows the Program Path must be full, i.e. "C:\CommuniGate Files\CGPKAV\CGPKAV.exe"

The recommended Scanning Rule is as follows:

Data Operation Parameter
Action Parameter

Note: It's not recommended to scan small messages (less than 2K) because they are unlikely to contain viruses.

Note: If you run the unlicensed version of the Plugin you're limited to one message per hour. Therefore you must not scan all messages because this will just block the mail flow. If you want to see how the Plugin catches viruses, then in the Scanning Rule you should specify more conditions in order to apply the ExternalFilter action only to messages from certain sender (from you) and with certain subject.

Configuring the Plugin.

On startup the KAV Plugin reads the contents of the CGPKAV.cfg file from the current directory. The format of the file data elements is described in The description of the data elements you may find in the CGPKAV.cfg file. The default CGPKAV.cfg is available here.

It is safe to view and edit the CGPKAV.cfg file while the Plugin is running. After you have made changes to the CGPKAV.cfg, you should do one of the following: