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6.0.10 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.10

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  • General: the functionality split into modules to improve load times and to allow feature management.
  • General: many minor UI imprevements.
  • General: the logoutURL GET paramater support is implemented.
  • General: LogoutJumpRef string parameter is supporedt.
  • General: an optional Logout button is implemented.
  • General: auto-reconnect functionality is improved.
  • General: Intenet Explorer 9 is no longer supported.
  • Mail: Mail Rule management is implemneted.
  • Mail: Mailbox access rights management is implemented.
  • Mail: Mailbox Aliase management is implemented.
  • Mail: the Folder Edit UI is updated.
  • Mail: Vacation Message and Redirect All Rule management is implemented.
  • Mail: Compact header view is improved.
  • Mail: the Select All function is implemented.
  • Mail: S/MIME can be disabled now.
  • Mail: Report Spam button is implemented.
  • Mail: Drag-and-drop is implemented for addresses in the Compose window.
  • Mail: the Contact actions menu is implemented.
  • Calendar: Public web calendar sharing is implemented.
  • Calendar: the View Event popup is implemented.
  • Calendar: Import/Export functionality is implemented.
  • Contacts: support for Datasets is implemented.
  • Contacts: support for Contact Groups is implemented.
  • Contacts: "Yomi" names are displayed now.
  • IM: an IM session can be started with an arbitrary contact now.
  • Files: the Refresh button is added.
  • Dialer: the Preferences panel is implemented.
  • Dialer: Server-side conferences support is implemented.
  • Dialer: Simple Rules are implemented.
  • Dialer: Preferences: the "Install Plugin" button is implemented.
  • Dialer: Video Calling is disabled now due to changes in WebRTC implementation.
  • Bug Fix: General/Preferences: Mute Sound didn't mute all the sounds.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: several scrollbar problems are fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: right-click did not work to paste addresses into the Compose dialog.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: multi-day events were created incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: IM: chatroom selection window was never closed.
  • Bug Fix: IM: URL was not recognized in IM messages in some cases.
  • Bug Fix: IM: the incoming message sound was played for own messages in group chats.
  • Bug Fix: Files: current folder click did not work in the breadcrumbs.
  • Bug Fix: Files: shared folder link was formed incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Files: folder subscription was not displayed in some cases.
Pronto Flash
  • Mail: Email addresses are checked before messages are sent.
  • Mail: Desktop: Attachments are opened usiging the default OS application.
  • IM: A preference is added to add Buddies to the roster automatically.
  • Dialer: the mute-all/unmute-all feature (available to the conference organizer) is implemented.
  • Dialer: the Push-to-talk functionality is implemented.
  • Dialer: the Compact view for the audio conference participant list is implemented.
  • General: Multiple instances of Pronto can be installed in the same Domain, using different Skins.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: Message receive time was changed when its attachments were deleted automatically.
  • Bug Fix: Dialer: DTMF could be sent incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: General: Offline alerts were not displayed after login.

6.0.9 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.9

6.0.8 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.8

6.0.7 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.7

6.0.6 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.6

6.0.5 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.5

6.0.3 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.3


6.0.1 CommuniGate Pro 6.0.1

6.0 CommuniGate Pro 6.0

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