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Stalker Software Provides Support for Lawful Intercept Compliance.

New Features in CommuniGate Pro Messaging Server Help Internet Service Providers Adhere to Existing and Emerging Communications Monitoring Regulations

MILL VALLEY, Calif., (June 2, 2004) - Stalker Software, Inc., the technology leader in messaging solutions, today announced that CommuniGate Pro v4.1 includes features that support customer compliance with lawful intercept laws. The new features enable Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers to more easily comply with regulations requiring ISPs to monitor and report messaging activities of certain individuals. The lawful intercept features of CommuniGate Pro v4.1 enable ISPs to meet government compliance easily and cost-effectively.

In response to today's heightened sensitivity about national security and the proliferating use of technology in criminal activity, many governments have enacted laws that require ISPs to record and report communications of certain individuals to law enforcement agencies. Currently in effect in Germany and soon to be implemented by governments globally, these laws require ISPs to record usage information and message content in addition to requiring that the information is reported to law enforcement agencies in formats that are compliant with the specifications determined by each government. In some countries, governments can disallow communications companies to continue business operations if interception and monitoring capabilities are not in place.

"New government regulations require that we are able to effectively monitor and report account information as requested by law enforcement agencies. Failure to comply could result in a range of penalties, from fines to the revoking of our ISP operations license," said a spokesperson from ish, a cable television operator offering broadband internet access and email services in Germany. "Because it is incorporated into our existing IT infrastructure, the lawful intercept features of CommuniGate Pro allow our organization to achieve compliance with these requirements and to efficiently compile and report requested information without costly technology investments or the need for additional human resources."

While most commercial messaging servers allow administrators to implement some level of monitoring functionality, often times, these solutions can introduce points of failure, specifically in large, clustered environments, and are complicated to deploy. Another approach is to deploy network sniffer technologies-a costly alternative that is limited by the speed at which the technology can monitor traffic and its inability to sniff traffic over encrypted connections (SSL).

The Lawful Intercept features of CommuniGate Pro v4.1 allow ISPs to monitor and record incoming and outgoing messages and user login and usage data. CommuniGate Pro v4.1 compiles and relays this data to external tools which enable ISPs to translate recorded data to meet their government requirements regardless of which country the end users reside in-a feature of particular significance to those ISPs with customers in many countries. With these features as part of their existing messaging structure, administrators are now able to efficiently retrieve the requested information, compile and submit information to law enforcement agencies.

"The addition of the lawful intercept functionality to CommuniGate Pro demonstrates our commitment to continually evaluate our customers' needs and develop advanced solutions to meet these needs," said Vladimir Butenko, CEO, Stalker Software. "More and more governments are expected to enact lawful intercept laws, placing the burden of implementation on ISPs worldwide. To ensure compliance, and in some cases, business continuity, ISPs need solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. The lawful intercept features in CommuniGate Pro allow customers to achieve compliance with the regulations of multiple governments with minimal disruption to their operations and no added infrastructure costs."

Designed to provide customers with maximum flexibility and functionality, CommuniGate Pro supports a wide variety of protocols and standards including SMTP/POP/IMAP for email and iCalendar/iTIP/iMIP for calendaring. To meet the advanced functionality requirements of a modern messaging environment, CommuniGate Pro v4.1 also includes built-in Webmail, an LDAP directory, personal Web pages, mailing lists and spam/virus protection.

About CommuniGate Systems
Founded in 1991 and based in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-class Unified Communications and media delivery software for broadband and mobile operators to deliver value-added services and SaaS solutions. CommuniGate Systems delivers powerful mashups of Unified Communications technology mixed with media and entertainment applications for portals, social networks, enterprises and mobile communities. CommuniGate Systems is revolutionizing the Unified Communications industry with a unique Flash-based client framework Pronto! bringing together all forms of communication and breaking the leash to the desktop with Web 2.0 mobility.

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