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CommuniGate Systems announces new initiative to help carriers jump start SIP based IP Communications with Zero up-front product expenses.

Starts Trade In and Trade Up campaign for legacy email based solutions to drive SIP Communications and enable next generation IMS-ready applications

MILL VALLEY, CA (July 25, 2006) - CommuniGate Systems, the leader in scalable carrier-class Internet Communications solutions announces a Trade In and Trade Up program. Carriers can simply Trade In legacy email software and save over 50% on maintenance and support expenses. The program then offers to Trade Up to new value-added services like VoIP, SIP/XMPP based secure IM, hosted PBX and more. The Program is designed to replace antiquated messaging systems in order to lower maintenance and support costs while enabling service providers to offer a full suite of IP Communications with the flick of a switch.

With Microsoft planning to launch its Unified IP Communications next year, carriers and telcos need to build their foundation for next generations IP Communications today in order to serve the growing demand for VoIP, IM and other new IP based applications. Service providers are seeking integrated solutions that include multiple communications applications. In order for this to be extremely comprehensive and robust, it requires a server application and client, support for open standards, interoperability with all major systems, scalability and therefore top level performance. Having proved scalability for 10 million VoIP users in a recent benchmark test, CommuniGate Systems launches the Trade In and Trade Up initiative to smoothly migrate providers to an IMS-ready platform.

The CommuniGate Trade In Program is for those providers that have islands of users not able to access the SIP based IP Communications network because the email solution they use is legacy technology. These large providers which typically run email systems with millions of users, will be offered a full CommuniGate Pro license by replacing their ongoing support costs. Providers today do not make a large revenue stream for email since it is a commodity offering bundled with access, such as DSL, or dedicated business links. Therefore, these systems are a huge operational expense and moving to a SIP based IP Communications platform or upgrading these systems are cost prohibitive. Added to this burden is the ongoing operation expenses of years old technologies. The CommuniGate Trade In and Trade Up Program will be offered to carriers using competitor systems such as OpenWave and Critical Path. These ISPs will be able to migrate easily to CommuniGate Pro and begin to offer a full range of IP Communications like VoIP, SIP/XMPP based secure IM, hosted PBX and more.

"We see a growing need in the carrier segment to build a new, integrated foundation for all IP Communications in order to strengthen their market position and create new applications for revenue. The feedback we are receiving is tremendous as the world is now adopting SIP based Communications. Mobility and productivity will rise and traditional closed and location locked access will die," said Jon Doyle, vice president of business development for CommuniGate Systems. "We will witness a fundamental change in the communications landscape over the next five years just as we saw in the early 90's with email becoming the communication standard medium for business. Holding users to a location with a phone number, or charging them for roaming to other locations will soon be replaced with the mobility and portability of VoIP - where one address finds a person anywhere, anytime.

Carriers can choose which of the individual features in the CommuniGate Pro IP Communications suite they wish to deploy - all, some or one - to gain market share and customer retention. Modules offered include IP PBX, SIP Proxy, SBC (Session Border Controller), clustered voice via SIP Farm, as well as audio conferencing, voicemail and XMPP support.

Service providers can also use the CommuniGate Pro programming language (CG/PL) to develop their own custom convergence applications. With XIMSS - an XML Interface for Messaging, Scheduling and Signalling - they can create lightweight applications that are quick-to-market to gain maximum versatility and flexibility in their converged solutions.

About CommuniGate Systems
Founded in 1991 and based in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-class Unified Communications and media delivery software for broadband and mobile operators to deliver value-added services and SaaS solutions. CommuniGate Systems delivers powerful mashups of Unified Communications technology mixed with media and entertainment applications for portals, social networks, enterprises and mobile communities. CommuniGate Systems is revolutionizing the Unified Communications industry with a unique Flash-based client framework Pronto! bringing together all forms of communication and breaking the leash to the desktop with Web 2.0 mobility.

CommuniGate Systems is the first choice in technology solutions for over 12,000 customers with over 130 million subscribers unifying e-mail, collaboration, IM, presence and VoIP with a single identity. The Unified Communications platform provides flexibility, performance, and scalability with benchmark proven architecture remaining unchallenged in the industry. Our technology powers OEM partner products ranging from embedded real time systems to powerful unified messaging platforms at top tier global network operators. The open development environment's simple APIs deliver extensible flexibility with a unique clustering technology for 99.999% uptime for the most demanding application environments.

The company is a trusted and financially stable vendor, maintaining the highest customer satisfaction levels in the Unified Communications industry with over 175 members in its partner network worldwide.