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Версия 4.0, История Обновлений


4.0.6 09-Feb-03

  • External AUTH: now the INTF command is always sent to the application as soon as the application is started.
  • WebUser: WML support has been extended. WML code has been placed into separate wlogin.wssp, whello.wssp, wbye.wssp, wmailboxes.wssp, wmailbox.wssp, and wmessage.wssp Skin files.
  • Directory: Suffix manipulation for "mounted Units" has been changed to support non-canonized DNs.
  • Directory: Local Units: now RDNs are not converted into lowercase before storing into the database.
  • MAPI: off-line mode supported, the Deleted Items Mailbox is always mapped onto the user own Deleted Items Mailbox.
  • Bug Fix: de-synching could occur when releasing a dataset file (such as an address book), causing server crashes.
  • Bug Fix: WebADMIN: an EXTFILTER could be renamed with a trailing space in the new name, and then that filter could not be removed.
  • Bug Fix: the sendmail program could loop when renaming a .tmp file into a .sub file.

4.0.5 10-Jan-03

4.0.4 08-Jan-03

4.0.3 16-Dec-02

4.0.2 26-Nov-02


4.0 18-Oct-02

4.0b9 07-Oct-02

4.0b8 15-Sep-02

4.0b7 22-Aug-02

4.0b6 30-Jul-02

4.0b5 08-Jul-02

4.0b4 18-Jun-02

4.0b3 16-Jun-02

4.0b2 02-Jun-02

4.0b1 02-May-02

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