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Версия 4.1, История Обновлений


4.1.8 17-Nov-03
Valid Core License Keys: all.

  • CLI: the WML parameter is added to the CreateWebUserSession command.
  • WebUser: the multi-card vCard MIME parts are shown as attachments now, so they can be downloaded and imported.
  • Bug Fix: WebUser: 4.1.7: Attempts to send a Read Receipt could lock the session and the Mailbox.
  • Bug Fix: Cluster: 4.1.4: the CreateGroup operation worked, but returned the "unimplemented in this domain" error.
  • Bug Fix: WebUser: 4.1.7: Attempts to add elements from Directory-based Address book could crash the server.

4.1.7 15-Nov-03

4.1.6 24-Oct-03

4.1.5 30-Sep-03

4.1.4 20-Sep-03

4.1.3 27-Aug-03

4.1.2 26-Aug-03

4.1.1 11-Aug-03

4.1 20-Jul-03

4.1b9 09-Jul-03

4.1b8 12-Jun-03

4.1b7 02-Jun-03

4.1b6 07-May-03

4.1b5 30-Apr-03

4.1b4 18-Apr-03

4.1b3 11-Apr-03

4.1b2 26-Mar-03

4.1b1 16-Mar-03

Сводный список

The old (pre-Skins) WebUser Interface has been phased out.

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