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Версия 4.2, История Обновлений


4.2.10 15-Mar-05
Valid Core License Keys: issued on or after 15th of November'2001.

  • Bug Fix: LDAP: 4.0: response to a final DIGEST-MD5 SASL challenge was processed incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: SMTP: 4.1: initial prompt timeouts for "last" relays were shorter than timeouts for other relays.
  • Bug Fix: GROUPS: 3.2: the Remove Author from Distribution option could not be disabled in Directory-based Domains.
  • Bug Fix: CALENDAR: RRULE parsing could stop on the UNTIL parameter.
  • Bug Fix: HTTP: 4.2.3: inter-cluster Keep-Alive processing was broken.
  • Bug Fix: HELPERS: 4.2: failed helpers were restarted even when the Use option was disabled.
  • Bug Fix: LIST: 4.0: certain multipart messages sent to a list could crash the server.

4.2.9 04-Feb-05

4.2.8 30-Dec-04

4.2.7 28-Nov-04

4.2.6 29-Oct-04

4.2.5 10-Oct-04

4.2.4 01-Oct-04

4.2.3 22-Sep-04

4.2.2 17-Sep-04

4.2.1 05-Sep-04

4.2 28-Jul-04

4.2b8 13-Jul-04

4.2b7 07-Jul-04

4.2b6 19-Jun-04

4.2b5 04-Jun-04

4.2b4 31-May-04

4.2b3 06-May-04

4.2b2 09-Apr-04

4.2b1 23-Mar-04

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