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Legendary Reliability

20 years of software development with clients spanning 18,000 organizations who trust CommuniGate for critical communications.

Secure Unified Communications for regulated industries.

  • Secure Messaging system for:​

    • Military message handling systems 

    • Homeland security tactical communications systems 

    • Research parks & intra-corporation collaboration

    • Large scale healthcare networks

    • National communications systems –

      • Multi-agency secure collaboration

      • One to many broadcasting —> citizen notifications

      • Law enforcement services messaging 

      • Lawful interception / Escrow encryption 

  • Bank / Financial institutions that can exceed  >50 million clients

  • Private cloud technology for government organizations

  • WebRTC technology for web based voice/video channels

  • API’s for secure chat systems with escrow options

  • Extreme scale for 100’s millions of accounts

  • Embedded systems with RTOS capability 


We deliver our platform through two primary methods:

  • As a Managed Service on your Private Cloud infrastructure

  • Managed on our Pronto! Cloud under the jurisdiction of Luxembourg

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From API integrations to powerful security - CommuniGate has it all.


Product Portfolio

Dedication. Innovation. Passion.

CommuniGate Software Development and Licensing builds reliable technologies that undergo rigid compliance validation. 

Who is with us!

Secure Communications for staff on private cloud to meet regulatory compliance. 

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